About Us

Hikanos {ἱκανός, ή, όν} is a member of Hikanos group of companies Limited which started its operations and limits itself to only middle-east and now sharing its services around the globe. Hikanos {ἱκανός, ή, όν} means sufficient in ability, worthy and strong. At Hikanos Our name has define what we are in the Fin-Tech industry. We have design a robustly strong and credible system that enable anyone with the desire to achieve financial freedom to design their ideal future through our different freedom plans.

Our Core Values

At Hikanos We pride ourselves in ensuring the security and safety of our customers funds first, before we look for profitability.

Business Areas



Startups and IPOs

Hikanos invest in promising High-Tech start-up companies taking them all through the processes for successful IPO’s.



Market Trading

We have group of professionals which are highly expertise in the financial markets, quipped with combined experiences of over 8 decades which carefully conduct market studies for trading purposes in other to achieve success trading in the market.



Project Investment

After professional analysis of the the potentials of large-scale projects that have great prospect for maximum profitability for our clients, we are often involve both in financing or refinancing of such projects and Companies .



Blockchain Technology

With the evolutional trend in the financial markets it becomes very difficult even for the giants to ignore the impact of the blockchain technology and how it can have great impact in the future.




Some Percentages of our funds are traded in the world biggest financial liquid market averaging $5.3 Trillion dollars’ daily, that is why at Hikanos, we find Forex trading an area that cannot be over-emphasized.



ICOs and Cryptos

Our experts employs the use of automated high tech robots which trades in the cryptocurrency market 24/7 using the best strategies, our experts are highly specialized and are constantly studying, consulting and investing in credible ICOs.